About the Association

What is the Ad and Sales Association

The St. Catharines Ad and Sales Association is a centre of business for the membership and their respective networks. Founded in 1947, the Association has a rich tradition of community in membership and a foundation of strong business ethics and operational standards.

This association differs from the traditional business club in that it is not a forum to share leads or exchange tips, but more an environment in which networking happens naturally. Members are invited to join the Association on the second Thursday of each month to participate in a dinner format meeting that starts with a social cocktail reception and is closed with a talk by a guest speaker selected by the Board of Directors.

Outside of the social and networking value of the Association, there is real economic significance to the membership. The room represents an economic impact of more than 2000 jobs in the Niagara Region and the make-up of the membership is executive level leadership and owners, lending to the established nature of the members and value to prospective members.

Our History of Association Presidents

1947-48 Tom Jones

1948-49 Ross Bates

1949-50 Mickey McKee

1951-51 Cliff Wingrove

1951-52 Lloyd Hill

1952-53 Don Shaw

1953-54 Ren Hammond

1954-55 Ren Hammond

1955-56 Don Warren

1956-57 Ted Hallet

1957-58 Norm Chandler

1958-59 Les Baker

1959-60 Jim Doyle

1960-61 Jim Marshall

1961-62 Chuck Coome

1962-63 Jim Wells

1963-64 Dave McLean

1964-65 Geoff Stevens

1965-66 Norm Lever

1966-67 Tommie Wallace

1967-68 Jack Holleran

1968-69 Stan Ritken

1969-70 Fred Walker

1970-71 Carlo Lorenzi

1971-72 George Foley

1972-73 Bill Beldham

1973-74 Jerry Melick

1974-75 Mike Hanson

1975-76 Jack Aitken

1976-77 Andy Baird

1977-78 Jim Parker

1978-79 Brendan Kennedy

1979-80 Scottie Falconer

1980-81 Norm Chandler

1981-82 Art Smith

1982-83 Graden Miller

1983-84 Gord Paget

1984-85 Ken Campbell

1985-86 Keith Ippel

1986-87 Jim Brunton

1987-88 John Prince

1988-89 Mike Gammon

1989-90 Norma Thiessen

1990-91 Dennis Durocher

1991-92 Cecil Rogers

1992-93 Garry Miotto

1993-94 Dennis Benvenuto

1994-95 Wendy Laslo

1995-96 Paul Doyle

1996-97 Scott Hinsperger

1997-98 Peter Spanyi

1998-99 Bob Allan

1999-2000 Mike Coholan

2000-2001 Liz Flemming

2001-2002 Dan Durocher

2002-2003 Garry Miiotto

2003-2004 Mike Gammon

2004-2005 Barry Robbins

2005-2006 Jennifer Richard

2006-2007 Dave Stuart

2007-2008 Graham Sheppard

2008-2009 Joan Adam

2009-2010 Bob Allan

2010-2011 Mike Burtnik

2011-2012 John Belford

2012-2013 Troy Milinkovich

2013-2014 Chris Rogers

2014-2015 Dawn Reist

2015-2016 Michael Kevorkian

2016-2017 Verne Milot